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Islamic (Sharia Compliant) Account

At Sandton Capital Markets, our clients’ interests always come first. For this purpose, we continuously strive to facilitate our trading conditions to suit various needs of our clients. We offer Islamic accounts (Riba Free) that are compliant with the Sharia law. All Muslim clients can benefit from Sandton Capital Markets optimal trading and investment conditions by opening a Standard account and converting it to an Islamic type. Islamic accounts have the same trading conditions and terms as our regular trading account. Our dedicated Client Support team will process your request for an Islamic account status within one business day and the interested client will receive an email confirmation once all is set up. All subsequent trading accounts opened by the client at Sandton Capital Markets will be automatically classified as Sharia compliant Islamic Account.

Get your Islamic account in two simple steps

  • Open a live account

    Register in Client Area, upload the required documents and open a live account.

  • Contact Us

    Email your account number to our Support team and request to switch it to an Islamic type.

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